Day 1!- ahh cravings…

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Let’s back track to Day 0, to when I went out to get my food for the week. If you read my previous post, you’ll have an idea of how undecided I was about doing this challenge. A major part of that was the fear of having to live on so little food! AHHH can i do it??

But I eventually got myself to start researching online on what I can eat for under £5 for 5 days. Tough decisions were made – do I want condensed milk to make my breakfast porridge more palatable? Or do I give this up for soy sauce to make my lunch/dinner actually taste of something? I finally settled on my choices and went off to Sainsbury’s on TCR to get them. But alas! Online Sainsbury’s prices don’t match what they have in store! And they didn’t have everything I needed! There goes my extra portion of daily veg *cry*.


  • Porridge oats – £0.60
  • Eggs – £1.63
  • Bananas – £1.15
  • Mix veg – £0.65
  • Soy sauce (only 1/3rd) – £0.33
  • White rice – £0.60
    • TOTAL = £4.96
missing two eggs from this picture!

Now on to Monday, Day 1!

I spent the morning doing some work but I kept getting distracted by how excited I was at trying out the food I’ll have to make! I live in a catered hall (my week’s food is going to my hallmates, lucky them) so I barely make my own food.

When it came to breakfast, this was what I had

best breakfast ever!

ah mai gash, it was so hard to finish. It barely tasted of anything, save for the bananas. Thank God for bananas. As for lunch and dinner, I cooked rice and popped some frozen veg and eggs into the rice cooker, then mixed it with soy sauce. It wasn’t that bad!


Come end of the day, here I am blogging now about how it’s been. I’ve not felt too hungry but the hardest part is thinking of all the snacks in my room that I can’t eat!! ARGHH, I want that cup of Milo, those rich tea biscuits I love snacking on, that one packet of Sunbites that stares back at me as my inner self cries while staring at it

Wait for me. You shall be mine on Saturday, bwahaha!

I may pop into the gym tomorrow because I feel like this may get too easy for me, at least considering that I’ve not actually felt very hungry at any point in this rather sedentary day. Anyway, that’s the end of my ramblings today!

x, steph and her not-so-rumbling-tummy


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