Live Below the Line – What’s it about?

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Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog 🙂

Live Below the Line is a project started by the LSESU Raising and Giving (RAG, something you may have heard of if you’re in a UK uni) as part of their RAG week. They’re doing loads of projects this week like Jailbreak and so on (I obviously don’t know much ahaha), this is just one of them.

This particular project aims to raise awareness and raise funds for the Trussell Trust, a charity that sets up foodbanks across the UK to support the 13 million people that live below the poverty line in the UK. Each day, many go hungry for reasons ranging from a redundancy to receiving an unexpectedly high bill while on a low income. Another primary cause for hunger is benefit delays. The Trust’s foodbanks give 3 days’ emergency food to those in such crises.

It’s kinda significant to me that the Trussell Trust began not in the UK but in Bulgaria by a couple who wanted to improve the lives of the children sleeping in the Bulgaria’s Central Railway Station. Were you surprised by the 13 million figure I mentioned above? I definitely was. Coming from Asia where most of the world’s poor are, I had second thoughts about committing to a charity project that didn’t have a developing country as its target. but OMG, yes I was being sooo hypocritical. No one, no child should live in poverty and hunger, whether they be British, Bulgarian or Asian. Which is why the roots of the Trust served as a great reminder for me.

That said, there is still a humongous number of those living in hunger all around the world. So, alongside spreading news of the great work done by Trussell Trust, I will also be sharing amazing infographics on global poverty and hunger each day of this challenge and I hope you take the time to check them out. It’ll be a great break from all those boring words you have to face in your studies.

That’s all for this introduction. Follow me on to find out how my first day went!

x, steph





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