Day 2 – Why does everything smell so good??

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So come day 2,  I didn’t get the time to have my breakfast but instead went straight to having a few bites of my lunch/dinner which I prepared right before I left for uni.

Unlike most of those involved in the challenge, I didn’t plan to have variations in my meals, so I’ll have the exact same porridge oats and bananas for breakfast (when I do have breakfast!) and rice,veg and soy sauce for dinner. So the mental struggle of having to deal with such a limited choice of food gets real. Especially when I had to meet someone in a Wetherspoons pub today, ahh all those smells. And for some reason, my nose is especially sensitive to food smells today, so I smelt curry even as I crossed the road. What is this?!

However, missing breakfast this morning was probably a blessing in disguise as it means that I can now snack on it while blogging.

Who’s a happy kid? I am!

One thing I learnt today was to be very grateful that my main challenge is mainly having to deal with my limited choice and not having to experience too much hunger. One interesting thing I learnt about those living below the line is that despite living on so little income, they still try to go for tastier food despite these being less cost-effective. They spend on sugar which are pretty much empty calories rather than more nutritious forms of carbohydrates. This baffles researchers but really, we’re all just human. If you have the time, search for The Economic Lives of the Poor by Banerjee and Duflo (2006) which talks about this. It’s a fun and surprising read 😉

And finally, as promised, an educational but easy infographic on worldwide hunger! We’ll start off with learning, what is hunger? Here’s an infographic from Oxfam America, click the picture to see it in detail, click the link to see the original website.


That’s all from me! Take care 🙂

x, Steph



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