Day 4 – Scratching the social exclusion surface

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Come Thursday, I realised that I’ve been very out of touch with my hallmates because I haven’t been joining them for our hall meals. One thought came to mind – social exclusion. This is me being such a drama queen – I’m not exactly living a life of poverty to the point that of experiencing the full repercussions of social exclusion. So I thought, that instead of studying in my room, I’d work in our hall’s library where I can be assured that a study session would have some bits of fun the closer we get to midnight.

But what is social exclusion? Just really briefly, it’s the lack of or denial to resources,  rights or goods and services and the inability to participate in normal relationships and activities. An important aspect of poverty is social exclusion though it can also be cause by other factors such as age, disability or ethnicity. Sometimes we get preoccupied with seeing poverty as a lack of income, that we fail to remember how poverty affects these other aspects of one’s life.

Now just to change the subject to something a little less serious, I need to show you my trusty little rice cooker

Isn’t she a cute one!

I need to thank my mum for making me bring one with me to the UK. You can tell how Asian a student is if he/she has a rice cooker lurking somewhere. For some reason, it’s hard to get them here. People just cook rice in pots! I have no idea how they do that! IT’s MAGIC!!

That’s all I have to report for Thursday bur before I end this post, here’s today’s infographic by 1,000 days. It’s on why nutrition of mothers and children can be seen as a priority, especially in the first 1,000 days of a child’s birth. Visit 1,000 Days’ website here

maternal graphic

Take care!

x, steph


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